Sunday, 16 July 2017

Daily 1fruit No Doctor

Daily 1fruit  No Doctor

Daily 5 Badam,
    No Cancer

 Daily 1 Lemon,
     No Fat

 Daily 1 glass Milk,
     No Bone Problem

Daily 12 glass water,
     No skin problem

Daily 4 dates,
     No weakness.

 Daily 3 times pray,
     No Tensions

Daily  8 hrs sleep
Happy ooo happy 😊

Dont stop 4wd plz

A perfect man
- wakes up at 5 am everyday
- exercises everyday
- makes his own bed
- cleans his room
- works sincerely
- does not touch alcohol
- helps in the kitchen
- does not indulge in night life
- is always punctual
- prays daily
- reads
- hits the bed at 9 pm sharp

Where do you find such perfect men?

Answer:  Tihar  jail.

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